Butane Screw Thing       Add Fuel to your Flame with the 'Butane Screw Thing'!!!!
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                                        BUTANE LIGHTER REFILLING INSTRUCTIONS:

                                                      CAUTION: Do not refill close to an open flame!

  Figure 1.  

Extinguish the flame of your butane lighter.

- Turn the flame height adjuster on the bottom of the butane lighter to the
lowest setting by turning the adjuster clockwise with the 'Butane Screw Thing'.

- Take air out of the fuel tank by pressing the refill inlet valve with a the 'Butane Screw Thing' until no hissing sound is heard. Hold butane lighter away from face
when taking air out. Air in the fuel tank deters butane gas from being injected
into the tank and can cause the malfunction of the butane lighter. If butane gas
comes out of the inlet valve when the inlet valve is pressed, stop bleeding the
fuel tank immediately. In this case, the fuel tank is filled with butane gas. 

- Refill butane lighter in an upside down position as shown above.

- After shaking the butane gas refill can, press the stem of the refill can
directly onto the refill inlet valve on the bottom of the butane lighter and let
butane gas go into the lighter for about 5 seconds.

- Do not ignite butane lighter for about 2 - 5 minutes until the butane gas in the gas tank reaches room temperature.

- Open the flame height adjuster by a quarter turn at a time by turning the 'Butane Screw Thing'
counter-clockwise until the flame height reaches the desired level. Hold butane
lighter away from face when igniting. If the flame height adjuster is turned up
too high, the lighter will not ignite and you will hear a hissing sound. If this
happens, please lower the adjuster by turning clockwise.