Butane Screw Thing       Add Fuel to your Flame with the 'Butane Screw Thing'!!!!
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In the beginning, the most arduous task in this development process was to find a reputable company in the US to manufacture this tool.  One option we were not willing to deviate from was to have this product made outside the US.  After extensive research, that mission was accomplished, as the company that manufactures the ‘butane screw thing’, also makes dental and hospital tools across the nation.  

As part of the design process, we wanted to insure this tool fit in the adjusting valve of a butane lighter with exact precision.    Accordingly, the opposite end of the ‘butane screw thing’ would allow the user to purge the tank, as well, before refueling.  Most people don’t realize, part of the process is to purge the tank before you add the butane. Knurling was also added around the center to be used as a grip for turning.

The ‘Butane Screw Thing’ is made of  top grade stainless steel.  You have to actually hold this product to appreciate its weight and durability.  It’s definitely a one of a kind tool.

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